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Relaxation in the healthy climatic resort of Todtmoos

Prädikat für HeilklimaThe Todtmoos health region is embedded in the steep and forested Wehra valley. You will find time to build up energy, relax and recuperate.

The mild stimulating climate in the low mountain range (up to 1,263m) – scientifically proven by biometerological studies – is of great importance for the body. Many hours of sun, limited mist, almost no allergens, wintery temperature inversion (compared to the Rhine valley), and a pleasant breeze in the hot summer days all have a stimulating and balancing effect on the different body systems and organs. The special Todtmoos climate promotes sustainable physical and mental health, and has made the Black Forest village well-known across Europe as the “German Davos” for over 100 years.

Today, Todtmoos is a recognised healthy climatic resort and can offer guests various different health treatments. Whether as an outpatient staying in your free choice of accommodation or as an inpatient in the modern Wehrawald Clinic – our doctors will happily provide consultation about the various possibilities for your individual wellbeing.

Medical health department
The outpatient medical health departments and the specialists offer the right form of therapy for all. Find out more here...
Your way to the medical health resort
You can discover here how you can apply for a medical stay at the health resort and what steps you have to follow.